Sweet Drop to Swing Side

It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and everyone’s out:

the drinkers,

the dreamers,

the dancers,

all swing about.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and everyone’s out.

The girls flirt with eyes;

the boys with their mouths—

both sing and shout.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and the drinks are









cups are filled,

bellies are full—

they ain’t worried about a drought.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and love is in the air:

true love,

fake love,

quick love;

they love without a care.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and attitudes start to sprout—

dancers show their bellies;

lovers show their lips;

fighters shown their knuckles—

all hells about to break out.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and everyone has left:

the drinkers are drunk,

the lovers feel loved,

the fighters have fought,

the dancers all danced out,

the dreamers still dream,

and everyone’s wiped out.


It’s a sweet drop to swing side, and


What a night it was.


It was late at night. The time of night when emotions run wild and free.

And my emotions were no exception; they went where they wanted to be.

Netflix was on. The show? I can’t remember. But I do recall you:

your voice was singing; your body was dancing; all right next to mine.

It was then, that my emotions took off to see your moves. They tend to follow the shine.

And baby, let me tell you. My emotions were in awe of you. You taught them something new.

You made them feel things they never knew.

To cry out of joy? To laugh, out of the blue?

These emotions you gave me.

And now I feel brand new.

Dying Wish

The thought fell upon me,

while walking on midnight’s path:

my body is withering,

and it will not last.


My perspective of life—flipped upside down.

Smiles, from this life of joy, are now frowns


Making it known, I may no longer be.





on wobbly knees.


The creaky bed, I now lie;

needles upon needles, make home in my arm.

Surely soon, my body will die.

For it is my body, causing me harm.


Those closest; they decide to stay.

Asking, if I had one wish, what would I say?

“What would I say?” I pause and give it some thought.

“Well, I’d watch golf on TV.

With y’all sittin’ here bothering me.”


Time has passed; my body brand new.

I watch golf on TV, while smiling


at you.


I call out,


they don’t hear.

I smile,


they don’t see—

they can’t see: eyes full of envy.

Communicate, collaborate, commemorate,

they say.


I do.

I communicate—

they fabricate.

I collaborate.

My ideas; my passions; my

voice—they terminate!



Now watch as I deteriorate.

I say nothing,

and they have won.

I say something


I am done.

For now, my lips are even;

and I feel as though,

I’ve been beaten…

for now.





If love comes not, from thy feeble heart;
the unexpected shall tear it apart.

If love lives within, thou beating heart;

nothing can crack it—not even a fortuitous fart!



Breathless—I hold on,

tightening my grip.

Agreement—you’re drawn—

never to slip.

Affection—thou comprehend;

accepting my infatuation.

Love—you transcend;

displaying thou flirtation.

Her Smile

Her Smile

With just a smile she can change…


Sad one moment,

delighted the next;

angry one minute,

ecstatic the next.

It’s a smile that forces you to smile back.

How could you not?

With dimples

that dance with such delight;

It’s her smile

that shines so bright:

Putting you at peace,

with rays of bright red

and pink;

they bounce off her lips.

My one

and only wish


to see her smile—

see it again…

and again,

until my breath gives.