So You Think You Can Art?

So, today, my third-grade students wanted to put their teacher to the creative test. Sure, he can write. But can he paint? With a little begging, they were able to get me to join them for art class. And I’m so glad I did!

They could not believe how much I struggled. It was so funny for them to see their teacher failing and making mistakes; and they couldn’t contain their laughter. But, through it all—the laughter and silly jokes about their teacher’s art—I hope I taught them how to handle mistakes and failures without giving up, or throwing a tantrum (though, I may have wanted too). And it taught me one thing, as well: I need to work on my art skills!

Ice Cream Cone
Dancing Frog

45 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Art?

  1. The ice cream cone is definitely that but the dancing frog…….I can’t draw/paint a lick so you are fully three to four steps ahead of me. It sounds like you had fun and it will be something that sticks with your students after they have moved on.

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      1. That is awesome. And I am sure they will my son remembers the out of ordinary things his teachers have done. However to be honest you sound like a fun teacher and I never had one in school. Ever. Your students are lucky. ☺

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      2. Thank you so much for saying that, Jay-lyn! I had one that I remember well, but that’s it. So I try to make learning fun as much as I can. My goal is to have them excited to be in school.


  2. I tell younger students who see my drawings and explain it took me years to build my skills and that I’m still developing my artist skills, just like they’re still learning. I remind them in life (no matter how old we get) we’re still learning continuously.

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  3. I actually like both your paintings and can only recommend that you give it a try more often. You’ll see how fast you’re going to improve. And the frog? Of course it’s a bit difficult to see him – he’s dancing!! 😄

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    1. Stu, thank you so much! I feel very honored to be nominated by you. I appreciate this a lot.
      I will absolutely participate. I can’t wait to read yours, and get started on mine. I should have time tomorrow to write this up.

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