To Chelsea

Astounded by your alluring appearance.

Puzzled at times; how one can be so fearless.

Foolish—was I!


A smile so bright:

The sun can’t compete.

With a voice so soothing;

Yet still, so unique.

Foolish—was I!


Contagious laughter,

emerges from your buzzing body.

Sadness leaves;

Rapidly replaced with jolly.

Foolish—was I!


When your lips first joined mine

–A fire,

Lit deep inside;

One I never knew existed.

Everything once hurt,

was now lifted.

Foolish—was I!


Love at first sight; I knew it to be true.

Longing for you by the minute, but still,

My fears…I could not subdue.

Foolish—was I!


Shackled by sin: selfishness, stubbornness—I Lied.

All the while,

You stayed by my side.

Foolish, was I!


Fighting every moment.

Fighting feelings inside!

Trying to break this evil hold.

More lies!

More lies!

Foolish was I!


I hurt you when you were weak;

Watching you crumble


By week.

Undeserving I am,

To see you at your peak!

Foolish was I!


You saw me when no one else would;


Somewhere inside,

Was a heart still good!

Foolish—was I.


So you stayed,

For reasons unexplained;

Loving me—day-after-day—

Just the same.



You brought me back from the dark;

With a love

Which continues to spark.

To this day, and forevermore;

I will love you so strongly: For my heart,

is yours. . .

and only yours.


Foolish. . .

no more.


24 thoughts on “To Chelsea

    1. I’m really glad you like it. And it means a lot that it had the effect I was going for! Thank you so much, Ortensia.
      I hope you’ve been having a good week! From your writing, it seemed that you’ve had some obstacles the last couple weeks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Than you and yes I had a nice week end,today is bh here so a long week end of great weather and just relax.need to go back on track with my reading and writing .😊have a good day

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s great to hear, Ortensia! Yes, I felt the same way with my reading and writing. I’ll be sure to check out your blog and do some reading later.
        Thanks! You do the same, and be sure to relax.

        Liked by 1 person

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