Do you remember,

the nights we’d stay up past the sun?

And we’d awake the next day—sometime around one.

The days when sleeping in meant getting your rest;

and staying up late was no challenging quest….

Where have those days gone?

Do you recall,

entire days spent outside?

Where imagination and play would collide.

The days when sweat and dirt meant experience;

and scrapes and bruises weren’t all that serious….

Where have those days gone?

Do you recollect,

the nights we’d spend dancing under the moon?

And we’d walk the beach, lost in talk, from night until high noon.

The days when one night together meant love;

and the smallest touch was more than enough.

Where have those days gone?

Where have the days gone,

when friends were everything,

and adventures were all you knew,

and you took risk after risk until you…


But then,

we stopped the risks.

And we stopped the adventures;

because the worry of what is supposed to be had prevailed.


there’s good news:

I’ve found the days we thought had disappeared.

They’re right there.

Just reach,

and remove all your fears.

46 thoughts on “Remember

      1. I get that way about some of my posts too. I’ve come to find that for myself, if I let it sit and look at it the next day with fresh eyes, I get a new perspective. This really pay off at times, at least for me. But it’s hard to wait! 🙂

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      2. That’s a great strategy! Thank you so much for the tip.
        I flip-flop a little with my posts. When I feel I have a good one, I’ll wait ’till it’s as good as I can make it at the time. But when it’s one, like this one, where it’s just for fun, I tend to post it too fast.
        I’m going to try and use your idea for one of my upcoming posts. Build a little self control. Thanks again!


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      1. Yeah .you are right but not everything only something.everythings had converted in my sweet memories.remembering them-i get always happiness with tears.and i enjoy those😊

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    1. That is so kind of you to say, Ali. I truly appreciate your comment!
      For me, it’s easy to forgot when life has a hold on you. And I needed that reminder! I’m glad you noticed it, too


  1. Absolutely, if we look past our fears and doubts and allow time to play, explore and imagine, those days are still here waiting for you to appear.

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    1. That is so true. I know I wrote this, but I really appreciate you reminding me of the message. Life can be so stressful; it’s easy to doubt and have fears.

      I think tomorrow I’ll explore! I really appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts, Jenna.


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