The Sloth: Part 3 of 4

For the most part—every single day; let’s be honest—the inside of the bus was a mosh pit at a rock concert. But on this specific morning, the bus ride was rather quiet for Carter and Tony, as they both were lost in thought. Carter, was thinking of Stacy Bordals, how this plan will increase his popularity, and how he will use his new popular status to win Stacy’s heart. Tony, was thinking how, if he gets caught, this prank may cause him to miss part of the basketball season he worked so hard for. And both were replaying the content of the plan over and over in their heads.

The plan was simple: gather snacks from home—brownies, chips, cupcakes, candy, more candy, more cupcakes, almonds (to make him extra sleepy), place them in plastic containers, stack the containers in their book bags, write a note saying, “thanks for being a great teacher” on top of each container, drop two containers next to his door before every class period; and by sixth period, he’d be sleeping as sound as a bear during hibernation, giving Carter and Tony enough time to snap a picture, show it to the principal, and save the school from this slothful teacher. It was the perfect plan!

The bus came to an abrupt halt, and the students strolled out like zombies with no desire to feast on…anything, really. Tony and Carter were last to reach the school doors. There was no exchange of words between the two friends; there didn’t have to be. They went over the plan countless times the day before: at lunch, the periods after lunch, at Tony’s house during dinner, on the phone just before bed, and a few more times in their dreams. They were as ready as they’d ever be. There was no going back. The two friends gave each other a glance and a fist bump, pulled open the glass door, and walked into the school with champion-like confidence. The plan was in motion.

Inside the school, Tony and Carter began their evil plan with great precision. Tony peered around the corner, with Carter no more than two-steps behind. The school was a two-story building in the shape of a square; and if you were tracing this square-shaped school on a blueprint, Mr. Chestnut’s room was just before the top-right corner. And that is where Tony and Carter stood hidden.

Tony waved to Carter, who was holding both containers (one in each hand), as if to say the coast was clear. Carter ran with feet lighter than a ballerina’s, and placed the containers side-by-side in front of the classroom door. He knocked on the door, and like a game of ding-dong-dich, he was back behind the corner with Tony by his side. Both troublemakers peered from the corner in anticipation. Mr. Chestnut swung the door open, paused, and looked around in confusion. Tony and Carter took a quick hop back, and both sensed it would be smart to just listen. Meanwhile, Mr. Chestnut glanced over his round belly and saw the treats sent from heaven. “Hm, what a generous gesture.” he said to himself while reading the note. And then, with the motion of a penguin, he returned to his room and closed the door behind him.

Tony and Carter tiptoed to the door so they could see through the clear, glass window near the top of the door. “He’s eating it!” said Carter.

“Man, he’s devouring it.” said Tony. “This plan is gonna be easier than I thought, man.”

Carter heard a gang of footsteps coming down the opposite end of the hall. “Come on, man. Let’s get outta here.”—he motioned the direction they would escape with a head nod to the left—”I’ll meet you here before second.”

“Alright, cool!” said Tony, and they both took off in the same direction, before splitting like a “Y” to go to their separate classes.

The next four periods went by without a single flaw in the plan. Carter and Tony dropped off the treats, Mr. Chestnut picked them up, brought them into his room, and ate them. The only difference the ninth graders noticed was in Mr. Chestnut, himself: his shirt was untucked by second period; his tie was loosened by third; he began to sweat through his shirt by fourth; he unbuttoned the top-two buttons of his shirt by fifth; and all the while, the pace of his movements decreased like a kid’s electric car running low on battery. The plan seemed to be working.

Sixth period rolled around—the moment of truth! Carter and Tony walked into class to see Mr. Chestnut stuffing his face with the last brownie he’d been given. He had no care where the food came from. It was delicious, and that was enough for the heavyset teacher.

“Take your seats, boys!” Mr. Chestnut said with a mouthful of brownie. Carter and Tony, overwhelmed with joy, couldn’t help but smile at each other.

“You got it, sir.” said Tony with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“Aye-Aye, captain!” Carter said while saluting.

“Enough of the disrespect. Sit down. We have a great video today: The Life of a Beekeeper.” announced Mr. Chestnut. His voice was muffled and low.

The class sighed and moaned, but Tony and Carter knew they’d be watching a different movie; a movie where a mean, lazy teacher falls asleep and falls right into the evil trap of two ninth-grade boys.

No more than ten minutes went by before Mr. Chestnut was sound asleep and snoring like a lion.

“This is it,” said Tony, “I’m going for it.” Carter gave a nod of approval, and Tony snapped the picture.

“Did you get it?” asked Carter, who was leaning over Tony’s shoulder in attempts to see the picture.

“Yea, I got it, man! And look,”—he held the phone behind his left shoulder so Carter could see—”he’s got brownie all over his shirt and face. This is too perfect!”

“He’s a goner.” said Carter. “He…is…a…goner!” And, with the feeling of success creeping through their body, Carter and Tony leaned back in their seats, placed their hands in a relaxed position behind their heads, and smiled while watching the new worst movie ever made.

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    1. Oh my goodness! Could there be something wrong with him?🤔

      Thank you very much for reading these posts. I really appreciate It. And I’ll try to get that fourth one out, so we can get to the bottom of this!

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