Watching Over Me

He’s there.

I know he’s there, watching from above.

We can not speak;

him and I—but we do communicate.


as I sit here,

on a wooden bench,

staring at the worn-brick wall of a loft…

I wonder:

Does he understand me?

Does he even see me down here on this bench?

While he sits snug on his throne!


I see him—and in a minute I’m going to humiliate him with insults!

Then, he will hear me.


is a cat.

His throne,

is a cat bed atop a window-sill;

and both need to be washed.

The window-sill is in the loft.

And the cat is staring at me.

I wish he’d stop.

His way of communicating is unpleasant,

and I don’t care if he understands me or not.

27 thoughts on “Watching Over Me

  1. Nice poem. I like its surprising effect. At the beginning of the poem as a reader you think that character “watching above” could be God, a king, a boss… Yes, cats are like kings on thrones where they do not want to be removed from. Haha, patience. On the other hand, at times I have taken care of some cats that were lovely creatures but, yes, the I-am-king thing is always there. 😉

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    1. Jay! How have you been?

      Thanks so much. I really appreciate your compliment!

      I’m not sure where this thought came from haha. It just appeared in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing; so I had to write it down.

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      1. I’ve been good man. Thanks for asking. Sorry for the late reply. Haven’t been active lately have a super important exam next Sunday. Been preparing for a year! … These random thoughts are so amazing.. Sometimes I wonder if I just tuned into the frequency of someone else’s mind when I get em!! Maybe you did.. Lol.. Maybe you tuned into the mind of your cat.. Accidentaly! Haha. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he really was thinking about himself..

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      2. No problem at all! And good luck on your exam; that is some serious preparation right there! What are you studying? If I may ask.

        Haha I have always wanted to het inside the mind of others. I definitely try to when I write or think, but I’ll never know if I’m close or not.

        I think my cat just thinks about food and how much he hates me when he doesn’t have food.


      3. No I dont mind at all. I’m studying for the Indian Civil Services exam. Arguably one of the toughest in the world. You see the British made it very tough when India was their colony so that Indians couldn’t get in. The British left but the govt. retained that level. Lol. Cause of the huge population I guess. :p

        Getting into others minds is such an obsession for me. I have read a lot of kinesics, graphology, palmistry and other stuff to help me figure out stuff about people just by looking at them. Lol.

        Who knows. Maybe your cat thinks about female cats and how he had his chance with a couple of them and he blew it and now he’s lonely.. Food is the only escape.. Lol.

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      4. Oh wow, that’s horrific the test was made in that manner. But I’m sure it will make the passing grade feel that much better!

        Very interesting. Do you find those books to be accurate when you’re putting them to use?

        Hahaha that was hilarious! I would hope he’d have the courage to tell me if that happened lol. There is a cat in the place next door to mine. So that makes perfect sense!
        What a story that would be.


      5. Lol civil service toppers are celebrities over here. The good thing is the stories they have. This year there was a guy who cleared it in his fifth attempt. A mother of a four year old came second.. Lots of other interesting tales.

        I have found them to be extremely accurate. Try Allan Pease for Body Language. He’s pretty good. Also, body language is involuntary meaning you can’t really change what signals your body gives out via non verbal cues.

        Maybe it will. Haha. Happily ever after with a litter of kittens under the tool shed.

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      6. Thats incredible! I wish you all the luck, but one year of studying has to put you on the right path.

        I will have to check that out. Thanks!
        Haha that would give me more to write about. That’s for sure.

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      7. Thanks for your good wishes my friend. Hope they give me just the bit of luck I need. 😉
        And try graphology on the internet. Tons of material out there. In fact, I do my best to get people I like to write something for me.. Just so I can look at how they cross their t’s and loop their f’s to know how responsible they are and what sort of values they have. Haha.
        Tc man.

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      8. Wow, what an interesting strategy. I like it! I will check that out! Best wishes, Jay. I hope to hear from you again! And I’m sure I will through this blogging community.


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