The world has lost its master grip on you.

The wind, the rain, they call your name in vain.

At that—you laugh, and keep on walking through.

Your heart, your soul, they will not ‘er attain.

Dare I, then, seek your unimpeded love?

I, a desolate fool so far from pure;

You, admired by the heavens above.

Masks we wear don’t dare touch a face so sure.

Though…you know all of this to be most true.

And still, you choose to look beyond the lies.

I wish but a glimpse of your point of view!

Then maybe I, could rid my false disguise,

And hand-in-hand we can dance on the moon.

Bound by none on earth—we choose our own tune.

22 thoughts on “Free

    1. Thank you so much, Taruna! I feel a high level of gratitude reading your comment.

      And that’s very interesting, as I have never read his work; though I do love the classics. Any recommendations of his? I’d love to read some.


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