10 thoughts on “Gossip

      1. Haha thanks man. I’m glad you feel that way. It’s just.. I used to be my English teachers’ pet in school. So many people think they know what a haiku is and then you read it and the syllables aren’t counted right and the idea is all wrong. People might think writing haikus is easy while in fact doing justice to them is a pretty hard job. Great work!

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      2. Oh, I wish I paid attention more in English. It’s a bit ironic, but English was my least favorite subject. I was always an avid reader and listener, but I had strong dislike for the subject.

        I held that dislike until this past summer. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop.

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      3. Haha. Happens to all of us. I hated Computer Science and thats what I ended up majoring in later. With English though.. I used to be quite the lover boy back in school and knowing poetry helped.. A lot. 😉

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