Reach high, young one;

reach high for that glistening, green apple.

Don’t ever quit, young one—

keep reaching!

Reach high, young teen;

reach high for that distant dream.

Don’t ever quit, young teen—

your dream isn’t as far as it seems.

Reach high, young adult;

reach high for that difficult degree.

Don’t ever quit, young adult—

you’re right there. Believe!

Reach high, adult;

reach high for that promising promotion.

Don’t ever quit, adult—

all your dreams are now in motion.

Reach high, old one;

reach high so your family can all see.

Don’t ever quit, old one—

teach them to chase their dreams.

6 thoughts on “Reach

    1. Yes, somewhat I would say.

      I’ve always been a big dreamer, but I’ve always been afraid to reach for them (fear of letting others down, mostly).

      But as I get older, that fear is turning to motivation.
      So yea, I would say those are two ideals I live by. Though there are more.

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