Fear From Within


Her voice—a voice that would wake all creatures, on most occasions—was silent.

We continued with our staring battle: her green universe-eyes examined my dark brown-eyes. Neither of us moved an inch. It felt almost child-like, as if we were kids having a serious game of who would blink first. If that was the case, I would win…every time. But this was no game; this was no competition; and we were not kids. This was much more. This was marriage. And at this exact moment, she was in distress, and I, confused.

Time was the culprit; time was the reason we were both lost for words. She, preoccupied with work and friends. Myself, engrossed with worry and boredom and thoughts that corrupt my brain.

I have, for as long as I can recall, been a worrisome individual. When I was a child I feared that I would find myself alone having to fend for necessities to live. In my youth, I feared I would have no companions to associate with. Later on, in my teens, I was distraught over the fictional thought that my parents would cheat and split. And now, at the mature (well, at least it’s supposed to be) age of 27, I have developed my biggest fear: losing my wife.

Nevertheless, these fears will not get the best of me. I will not allow it. She is my heart. She is my whole life. Losing her is not an option. So, I will speak and I will tell her how I feel. In hopes to free her distress and make my worry disappear.

4 thoughts on “Fear From Within

    1. Thank you, Kylie. I’m amazed that my writing could affect someone like that. It’s such a great feeling.

      It may sound strange, but while I wrote this, my anxious emotions turned to feelings of peace and happiness. It was really neat. I appreciate this comment.

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      1. Definitely not strange! I find writing to be the best therapy! I often feel lighter after writing something deep etc. You made me stop and think for awhile, reminded me that I am not alone with emotions. Changed my perspective too. I think you deserved those feelings of happiness and peace, as recognition of such great writing! 🙂

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