The Book That Kept Learning

The Book That Kept Learning

Once upon a time, there was a little blue-book named Blue.

Blue was no ordinary book.

You see, this book had no words;

which isn’t a good look when you’re supposed to be a book.

There were no words on the front, and no words on the back.

There were no words in the middle, and no words on the flap.

How could this be?

That a book contained no A’s, B’s, or C’s.

The answer to that I do not have, but one thing I know,

this book was not happy. He was actually quite sad.

Nobody understood this poor, poor book.

At school, the other books would laugh.

They would say unkind things, just because he had no paragraphs.

Outside of school, books would stare.

Small books. Big books. Long books. Wide books. All books glared!

Every…single… book would stare. All because Blue’s pages were bare.

No novel wanted to be friends with a book with blank pages.

So they sat far away, giving Blue nasty faces.

He would spend every day feeling very sad.

Thinking, if he only had words, then he would be glad.

When all of a sudden, out-of-the corner of his eye,

he saw a large book, sit by his side.

The visiting book whispered, “hello, my name is dictionary. What do they call you?”

Blue said in a quiet voice, “most books call me wordless, but my name, is Blue.”

“Why are you sitting all alone?” Dictionary asked.

“No one wants to be near me, because I have no words.” Blue said.

“Well, I can change that! I have plenty of words that I can teach you!” Dictionary shouted.

“Yes, please. Thank you so much!” Blue said, as his happiness sprouted.

Together, Blue and Dictionary had so much fun.

Dictionary liked teaching Blue, and Blue learned words—one by one.

Everyday he learned words that were new.

And after each word, his pages grew and grew.

He learned small words like, true, shoe, and do.

He learned big words too: cockatoo, buckaroo, and barbecue.

Words began to turn into sentences: the cockatoo lost both of his shoes.

Sentences became paragraphs: The cockatoo lost both of his shoes. Now, he could not go to the barbecue. He sat and thought about what to do. Until, a buckaroo brought him his shoes. It’s true!

The best part was, nobody ever stared or laughed again.

The other books would even talk to Blue every now-and-then.

His book was finally full, and he no longer felt sad or blue.

He had a new best friend, and knew thousands of words—probably more than you.

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